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The Best Skin of Your Life

Posted by Simi for BargainShopUK on

Cosmetics can only get you so far in life. At some point, you need to start giving back to your skin and giving it healthy options.

The skin covers your entire body. It is constantly exposed to the elements and objects in the world. Your skin may repair itself every day, but that slows as you age. The elasticity in your skin also recedes as you age.

A few of the best skin care brands out there are Fountain, Vichy and Manuka Doctor. We have two different kinds of skin care products from these brands.

It is important to have good skin care, but even more important as you age. You should keep all of these things in your mind as you grow older. However, maybe it would be better to try to stop those things from happening before they really start.

What Does Ageing Do to My Skin?

There’s actually a lot that happens to the skin as you age. For one, the epidermis, which is the outer part of your skin (the part you see) actually grows thinner. That doesn’t mean that it will suddenly rip off or anything, but you will likely bruise and your skin will get cut much easier.

Also, your skin’s pigment changes. Your skin loses some of its pigmentation and age spots and liver spots start to form.

Your skin also won’t heal nearly as fast as it could when you were younger. Taking care of your skin will become a very important thing to do.

Along with the thinner looking skin, you’ll also notice your skin losing its elasticity. This is what creates wrinkles and lines in your skin.

If you always had oily skin, this is something you won’t have to worry about any more. Glands in your skin will start producing less oil, leading to a lot of dry and itchy skin.

Finally, your skin will be more susceptible to both heat and cold. With heat, you aren’t going to be sweating nearly as much, so it becomes harder to cool yourself down. As for cold, your skin has less insolation, making it much easier to catch hypothermia. You are also likely to be cold a lot easier.

All of these things are your body’s natural response to age, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with all of them.

There are tons of ointments and creams out there that specifically target both wrinkles and dry skin. Some of them will work better than others, so it’s necessary to find out which ones will work for you.

If you want to find the best skin care routine, you need to try different options and see if they’re right for you. Below are two different options that might help you find exactly what you need in a skin routine.

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Light Cream by Vichy

This is a great light hydrating cream. Even in your twenties, dry times of the year can really affect your skin, making it dry, flaky and itchy. It definitely makes a good hydrating cream.

With its thermal dynamic hydration, it’s able to not only disperse moisture into your skin, but it can also help lock it in place.

It is hypoallergenic and suits most skin types, making it a great product and a great gift as lot of people love this renowned French beauty brand. Along with that, it is also gentle with sensitive skin, something that can make it hard to find the right product. It boasts 48 hours of moisture in your skin.

At only €14.99, this is an expensive moisturiser at a reduced price that you’ll be reaching for whenever you have dry skin. Buy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Light Cream - Vichy

Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil

Maybe moisturisers aren’t enough on their own or you want a little extra shine to your skin. This face moisturising oil can be mixed with or done underneath your day or night cream. This is the best serum for what it does.

This oil, which is currently at a discount price, will help immensely with your wrinkles and fine lines that may be on your face. It has an impressive number of omega rich oils which will really help your skin get its young look back.

The elasticity will come back to your face, giving you a younger look while also keeping your skin beautifully maintained. If you start using this in your forties, or whenever you see your first signs of wrinkling, it will help reduce the number of wrinkles you have in the long run.

Currently, this is priced at €17.99 for a 30ml bottle. That’s a fantastic price for a great facial oil.

Skin Routines Are Important

We truly believe that starting a good skin routine while you are in your twenties or thirties will only benefit you in the long run. You will have younger looking skin for much longer than those who ignore their skin.

Not only that, but your skin will feel healthier and stronger. You’ll have radiant skin from a young age that will carry on late in your life.

It can be incredibly hard to find the best hydrating serum, but it’s not impossible. Everyone has their own skin types and there is an incredible number of different moisturisers and creams out there for you to discover.

After finding what works for you, the next step is keeping up with it every day. Forgetting to do it once might not be an issue, but it might turn into a habit. Just like going to the gym, keeping up with your skin routine is important.

We hope you found some of this information helpful. Feel free to check out our products and see which ones work best for you!