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Smart Watch: Technology at The Flick of Your Wrist

Posted by Simi for BargainShopUK on

Smart Watch: Technology at The Flick of Your Wrist

Those of us here at BargainShopUK strive to give our customers the best prices when it comes to the best of the best in technological gear and their associated accessories. So, without further ado, meet the Smart Watches known as the Microsoft Band 2 and the Apple Watch and the reasons as to why you should give these amazing devices a go.

What are Smart Watches?

Smart Watches do so much more than just tell the average person the time. Technologically advanced for the busy lives that people now live, the Smart Watch allows the user to do things that you would never have imagined. These things include being able to call and text anyone within your contacts list from your wrist.

Meet the Different Brands

Here at BargainShopUK see all different types of Smart Watches pass across our desks but the two that we get a lot of are the Microsoft Band 2 and the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was created and released by Apple in early 2015 while the Microsoft Band 2 was released in October 2015 as a way of rivalling the Apple Watch.


For every version of the Smart Watch device that is made, the features will always differ. The features will also be different depending on where in the world you use the device as not all the features will be available for use in certain countries.

Features that all Smart Watches have will include telling the time (obviously), checking the news, checking and the ability to book flights, unlocking your computer and getting map directions without the use of your mobile phone. Some brands of Smart Watches can also link to your phone if they are of the same brand. One of the best features we think is voice command, meaning you can send voice messages, similar to how you would send a text message.

Speaking of text messages, like mobile phones, Smart Watches have the ability to send emojis but with a Smart Watch you can actually hand drawn emojis instead of having to search the emoji gallery on the device and send them.

Everybody wants to stay informed with every type of news available and having a Smart Watch can help with that. Just organise the news app and you’re good to go. This is s similar feature as to what you might have on your phone.

The watches can even track exercise goals, remind you of appointments and reminders that are in your computer’s calendar so that you can carry your calendar around without having to pull out your phone to check what you have to do next.

What we found as another amazing feature of these devices is that you can even shop and listen to music. We find that pretty cool, don’t you? You can even use the watch to pay for items while you are shopping instead of having to hand over cash or present a credit or debit card.

Another fun feature is that the watches can link to Social Media like a phone or media device (such as android tablet or iPad) can. It can also alert you to notifications that are on your other devices if they are all synced together.

The apps that are available for the watches will work with other versions of the same app on different devices.


Each major company has their own design for their products and their watches are no exception. While Microsoft has gone with a smaller and slimmer design, Apple has gone with a square design which is similar to their previous devices such as the iPhone and the previous versions of the iPod Touch.

Colours and Styles

We see a lot of different colours when it comes to these two brands of Smart Watches but the most popular colours are black for the Microsoft Band 2 and space grey for the 38mm Apple Watch. While there are other colours within these two products, we will leave it up to the customers to decide which colour they would prefer.

Several brands of Smart Watches have different design styles that vary in price depending on which version of the product a customer wants to purchase and how much they are willing to pay.

Which One is Better

When it comes to technology, we don't believe in the belief that one brand is better than another. If that were the case, we would only distribute one brand of watch. Whatever people’s opinions, it is entirely up to them as to what they purchase and what they think of other products.

Yes, one Smart Watch has better features over the other but it all depends on what the customer is looking for and what features they will use and which they will not. We believe that both the Microsoft Band 2 and the Apple Watch are good products but again, it is entirely up to the customer as to what they are looking for.

One example could be:

The Microsoft Band 2 is smaller in size and is a cheap smart watch as in comparison to the Apple Watch which is worth more money. However, the Apple Watch is the most recognised and has the better features and will have people lining up outside stores to buy the next edition when it is released.

Want It for a Cheaper Price?

At BargainShopUK, we do not believe in paying full price for any product, no matter how anticipated it might be. We look at the original price and see how much we can drop from it so we can give the best price so you can enjoy your favourite products but for a discount price.

In conclusion, we love everything to do with the Smart Watch. We have seen technological evolutions over the years and we are glad that we have encountered this little gem we call a watch.